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Privacy Policy

The CyberPower privacy policy statement applies to CyberPower websites and our affiliates' websites that link to this page.

CyberPower respect your privacy. This statement informs you of our privacy practices, including personal information collection, use of cookies, information security and more. Please refer to below session for the complete statement.


Without your prior approval, CyberPower will not collect any of your Personal Information (e.g. your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address). With your explicit consent (e.g. by registration, request information, accessing service or submitting resume), we will only collect your personal information to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations for the protection of your Personal Data.


When you start to browse our website or use our application, you and your identity remain anonymous. No personal information - including your email address – will be collected without your approval. We document total numbers of visits to our site and subsequent pages and may record the pages you visit and the time you spend there. However, there will be no linking of your email address or computer's IP address to anything personally identifiable.

When you do voluntarily provide us with your personal information, it will be used to respond to your inquiry, provide information related to CyberPower products, services, training courses and events, and allow us to help you to manage your accounts. The information such as your email address and postal address will never be transferred to any unrelated 3-rd party. We may store and process Personal Information and share it with our worldwide affiliates to understand better your needs and how we can improve our products and services; or we (or a third party on our behalf) may use Personal Information to contact you about an available CyberPower offer in support of your needs or to conduct online surveys to understand our customers' needs.

If you choose not to have your Personal Information supplied to support our customer relationship (especially for the purpose of direct marketing or market research), your decision will be honored with our utmost respect. We do not sell or otherwise market your Personal Information to and unrelated third parties, except to CyberPower affiliates.


We collect Personal Information such as e-mail address, user-specific information on what pages visitors access or visit, and information volunteered by the visitor, such as site registrations. This information is used to provide customized communications and to refine our support for you about products that are specifically tailored to your needs and interests. Instead of offering irrelevant information not to your best interest, we try to target information that is specifically important to you.

The information is collected and used:

  • to deliver products or services you requested
  • to provide ongoing and thorough service and support, including event-related communications
  • to enforce our obligations or our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us
  • to notice you about changes to our websites or applications, or any products or services we offer or provide through them
  • to improve our websites, applications, services, and products, including by developing data analytics and reports about your and others’ use of them

No Personal Data is collected, used, accessed, stored, transferred or distributed without your explicit authorization. At any time, even after you have confirmed your authorization, you can opt out by contacting our customer service center to terminate your account on our website.

The information we collected will be used to improve our web pages by incorporating information that is deemed important for service provision to our clients, to notify customers our website updates and new promotions available, to contact customers for marketing and sales purposes (including notifications related to product enhancements, warranties, and renewals) that might affect specifically their needs and interests, to track applicants for career opportunities, and to communicate with our partners. This information will not be released or shared with any 3rd party organizations for any reason, commercial or business, without your prior explicit consent.

If you attempt to apply for jobs in the Careers section of our website, your application and any additional information you provide may be used as a foundation based upon which to assess your skills and interests for possible career opportunities at CyberPower, Please note that by the time you start sending CyberPower any such information, you explicitly authorize CyberPower for the usage of your information for the purpose stated above.. When you access our Applicant Tracking System, your authorization by pressing the button will be confirmed for us to collect, use, process, store, transfer and distribute your Personal Information before you enter any Personal Data. We will contact you and inform you of our further career opportunities.


CyberPower will collect, use or disclose Personal Information you supplied online only for the purposes stated above, unless the otherwise disclosure:

  • is a use of the Personal Information for any additional purpose that is directly related to the original purpose for which the Personal Information was collected
  • is necessary to prepare, negotiate and perform a contract with applicant
  • is required by law or the competent governmental or judicial authorities


When accessing our websites, certain non-personal Information might be collected automatically (i.e., not by registration) (e.g. type of Internet browser and operating system used, domain name of the website from which you came, number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed). Such information might be stored and shared between our worldwide affiliates to monitor better our websites and improve information content as well as delivery and services for the best interests of website visitors.


Cookies are text files that are sent from a website via your browser and placed on your computer's hard drive or your mobile device. When you visit a website, a message is sent back to the web server by the browser accessing the website, and this information about your activities is stored in the cookie.

The information collected through cookies and other electronic tools (e.g., the web pages you visit on the website and navigation patterns, the date and time of your visit, the number of links you click within the site, the functions you use on the site, the databases you view and the searches you request on the site, the data you save on, or download from, the site, the websites you visited immediately before and after visiting the site, and when you open our emails or click on any of their links) is used and analyzed for the purpose of refining our service, and of customizing your web-browsing experience and to make our website work more efficiently.

Cookies may be used in the following ways:

  • To help us recognize you as a unique visitor (just as a number, without further implications) when you return to our website next time , to customize our content or online advertisements to match your preferred interests
  • To develop relations and to explore possible opportunities for our sales and provide direct marketing communications to you if you provide your explicit consent to receive such communications.
  • To compile anonymous statistics that allow us to understand better how users use our site and to help us improve the structure of our website.
  • To protect the security of our website. Two types of cookies may be used on this website: session cookies (which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the site) and persistent cookies (which remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer, though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie).

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser, however, your ability to enjoy full features and experiences of the interactive features our site provides might be limited to certain extent if cookies are disabled/ deleted. If you do not know how to disable or delete cookies for the browser you are using, you should select ‘cookies’ in the Help function of your browser to get more information.


CyberPower has implemented reasonable administrative, technical, and physical measures specifically designed to protect your personal information from accidental loss and/or from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction.


CyberPower encourages all individuals who provide personal information to us to keep their personal information accurate and up to date. Personal information may in many cases be updated by an individual online.


CyberPower will review and update this Privacy Policy on a regular basis, and will provide notice of the date of its most recent revision above. If material changes were applied to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified either a notice posting on our website for such changes before their implementation, you will receive a direct notice. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy on a frequent basis to understand better how CyberPower is collecting, using, retaining, protecting, disclosing, and transferring your information.